Different Gift Ideas for Your Man

Do you feel as though your man has everything? That’s because when a man sees something he wants, he buys it. Ask your guy what he wants and he’ll say, “Nothing”. After hearing this enough times, nothing is exactly what you’re tempted to give him.

Don’t give up yet. We’ve located manly gift ideas that are certain to be a slam-dunk!

The Man Crate

Move over frilly feminine baskets, the tough and sturdy man crate is here. He’ll have a terrific time ripping into the duct taped outer box. Inside is a wooden crate, which he must pry open with the laser-etched crowbar (included).

Your only challenge is determining which awesome man crate is the best fit for your guy’s interests. From the Booze-Infused Jerky Crate to Java Juicers or Caffeine Fiend Crate, this unique gift is a man-pleaser.

Goat Leather Messenger Bag

What’s bigger than the man-purse and roomier than the briefcase? Why, the goat leather messenger bag of course. Also known as Morocco leather, goatskin is resilient to water and stronger than cowhide.

He can pack it full of business documents and portable electronic devices. Yet, this bag will carry lighter than those fashioned from other materials. The sturdy shoulder strap (adjustable) is well constructed and designed to transport heavy items.

Because Morocco leather messenger bags are handcrafted, no two are alike, allowing your man to express his unique style. With lots of pockets and inner-compartments for passports and other important papers, these are perfect carry-on travel bags.

Army Watches

What could be more brag-worthy than a magnificent military watch? From the locker room to the boardroom your guy will tout the virtues of his new watch.

Military watches are equipped with high-tech functions, such as compass, barometer, altimeter and even solar-power. They are rugged, durable and water proof, making them popular with outdoorsmen.

Isn’t it time your guy has a watch with panache to show his style?

The Big Buddy

Every man needs a buddy to confide in, who will laugh at his jokes. Your guy will be tickled silly by this plush replica of himself. Snuggly soft buddies are handcrafted from images you supply, whether he’s a professional who wears a uniform or re-created in his favorite t-shirt, your man will spend many hours ‘playing’ with his new friend.

And nobody else will ever have an identical big buddy!

Get your Guy Dubbed a Laird

Buy your man a parcel of land in the Highland Titles Nature Reserve and he can add the title, “Laird” to his signature. You must own land in Scotland to legitimately call yourself a Laird, which means “landowner”.

Best of all, if you plan to visit Scotland, you may visit his land! Just imagine the photo ops he’ll take home to show his friends and colleagues.

Also, check out the nifty accessories. You may want to get him a photo identity card, complete with his name and new title. It will also show the plot number of his land in Scotland.

These aren’t the same tired matching tie and socks type ideas you have seen time after time. Each one is special and different, changing shopping for your man from drudgery to a joy!